27 Feb 2017

Abrasive blasting (concept, application)

Any metal has the ability to resist corrosion only at a certain level. This will depend on the energy consumption when it is reduced from the ore. The more energy is consumed, the higher is tendency to corrosion. In addition, the process of protecting such metals is time-consuming. There are several ways to prevent corrosion. Abrasive blasting is ecpecially popular.


The abrasive blasting is the process by which the metal is cleaned of the existing dirt. A jet with compressed air is used for that purpose and there are particles of abrasive (powder) in it. These particles struck forcibly from the outside on metal corrosion or other damages, and air is needed to remove abrasive residues and dirt.
From this we can conclude that it is the abrasive that plays a huge role in the whole process. Quality material can be purchased at the Pobuzhsky Abrasives Production Plant. It should be noted that the enterprise is among the largest in Ukraine. If you want to purchase nickel slag, the price will depend on the lot, the volume purchased and the quality. Details can be elaborated by contacting the company directly.

We should not forget about the advantages of using abrasives for metal cleaning:
1. Low energy consumption with high performance.
2. Application to various surfaces of metal.
3. Easy disposal of generated waste.
4. The affected areas can be treated selectively.
5. Absence of quartz and low amount of chlorides when using nickel slag as an abrasive material. This excludes the development of occupational diseases when performing cleaning works.
6. There are minimal surface irregularities after the treatment with cupper slag.
7. Any degree of cleaning. It depends on the requirements of the enterprise.
8. Easy arrangement of the workplace includes the following: abrasive, compressor and jet device. A small size of the unit allows you to move it to the desired location.


You should follow the sequence when performing works. First, the surface is prepared properly, after which the cleaning from dirt is carried out and the finishing is performed, if necessary. And in the end shot peening is performed. After that, you will only need to use a variety of coatings for metal (powder, anti-corrosion, varnish, paint).

With the help of abrasive blasting you can put the following in original condition:
• Construction metal structures are cleaned of rust, old coating and burned deposits.
• Tanks, reservoirs are cleaned of paint or oil products.
• Overpasses are cleaned of rust and anticorrosive coatings.
• Pipelines are cleaned of paint and corrosion.
• Building sides, the structures of granite are cleaned of facing plaster, fungus, mould and old paint.

But it is only the main field of application. In fact, cleaning with abrasives is used much more common. Surface preparation for subsequent coating is carried out in the shortest possible time and is acceptable according to the cost.

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