Абразивный порошок от производителя
16 Feb 2017

Abrasive powder is the best material for metal cleaning

Abrasive powder is one of the most required and popular materials used in modern industry for cleaning metal surfaces . It differs by types, fractions, technical characteristics and price category. Various technologies are used for work with this material. Two following types of abrasive powder are produced in Ukraine: cooper slag and nickel slag. The use of the material allows achieving high efficiency, saving time and environmental safety.

Material advantages:

The material has become widely used quite recently. Previously, siliceous sand was used most often for cleaning hard surfaces. Its demerits include too much dust spreading during the cleaning process, which leads to extensive contamination. Abrasive powder, in contrast to sand, allows you to make the cleaning process less time-consuming. The main advantages of the powder are as following:

  • higher particle strength
  • wide diversity
  • reasonable price
  • high resistance to impacts

The production of abrasive powder is not a functionally difficult process. Cooper slag and nickel slag are manufactured with using similar technologies. The difference is only in the use of raw materials. The granulated copper-smelting slags are used for for the cooper slag, and the waste of nickel production is used for nickel slag.

Technical characteristics

Abrasive powder favorably differs from other materials by a lower degree of hygroscopicity. The lower this index is for raw materials, the more qualitative the product is considered to be. The following should be emphasized among the other distinctive characteristics of the material used for metal cleaning:

  • flowability allows to extend the service life of equipment
  • size of fractions (high quality is considered to be 0.5 to 3 mm)
  • ecological safety for the environment and human health
  • high mechanical and chemical resistance of the material

Optimum technical characteristics allow to expand the scope of application. As of today, abrasive powder for metal cleaning is considered to be one of the best materials, due to a harmonious combination of quality, price, practicality and efficiency. The material allows you to clean quickly the metal surface from rust, paint-and-lacquer coating residues and other types of dirt. Also, the material can be used to clean from the residues of the paint-and-lacquer coating and facing plaster from the brick and concrete surface.

Purchasing features

Unlike other materials, the abrasive powder for metal cleaning can be used by abrasive blasting, hydro- or flame-abrasive method. At the Pobugsky Abrasives Production Plant you can buy the abrasive powder of high quality and at a reasonable price. This is one of the largest manufacturers of abrasive materials in Ukraine, which offers a wide range, filling of orders in any volumes and on mutually beneficial terms.

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