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24 Apr 2017

Selection of abrasive material for work

The use of a compressed air jet with an abrasive powder is the most effective for the cleaning of hard surfaces. This method allows any dirt and old paint-and-lacquer coating to be removed from the surface quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the abrasive blasting is the most effective and remunerable for various hard surfaces. Materials for cleaning are classified into two main types of copper slag and nickel slag. The first one is made from waste particles of the copper smelting process, and the second material presents by-products of nickel production.

Powder features

Nickel slag abrasive powder is a cheap product that is available for common use. It is used for removal of corrosion, paint and grease residues from the structure, high-quality surface cleaning for subsequent grinding and painting. The material can be used for cleaning surfaces such as metal, brick, stone and concrete.

The following should be noted among the main advantages of nickel slag:
• high abrasiveness;
• quick results in the shortest possible time;
• economic use due to high particle strength;
• environmental safety.

Material selection

Copper slag is most often used to remove the old coating, a large amount of rust and scale, resulting from the heating of the material. Due to the higher hardness of the particles, nickel slag clears deeper and more accurately, to a standardized degree of Sa3. Materials are selected by the size of the abrasive powder fractions. The larger is the fraction, the larger layer can be cleaned. Experts contend that the more part of the dust fraction, the more level surface is obtained as the result. Precisely these quality properties make it possible to achieve a more even, efficient and thorough cleaning.

Also, the other technical characteristics should be taken into account when selecting materials:
• hardness and resistance to persistent dirt;
• high abrasive ability in time measurement;
• resistance to significant mechanical loads;
• high resistance to chemical solutions and substances.

Advantageous offer

You can buy nickel slag of any volume and at favorable prices at the Pobugsky Plant, which focuses on the producing of abrasives of various types. A significant advantage of this material is the possibility of using it in sandblasting of an open type. Due to the fact that the fractions are sufficiently solid, little dust is released during the cleaning process. This allows you to reuse the material.

At our Plant you can order the abrasive powders of any volume. We provide low prices, high quality, convenient conditions and advantageous offers. As the nickel slag is one of the most required and effective for various types of cleaning of the material surface, its use will make it possible to achieve significant results in a short time. Our experienced managers will answer all your questions and will help you to place an order.

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