Виды абразивного порошка
11 Mar 2017

Types of abrasive powders

Blast cleaning of surfaces is the most productive and effective. Metallic, concrete and other surfaces are cleaned from dirt and rust with the use of blast cleaning. Different materials are used for sand blasting and they can differ in type and fraction.

What are the types of abrasive powders?

For proper and thorough cleaning, it is necessary to choose the right material itself, i.e. the abrasive powder. Many production facilities still prefer siliceous sand, which is much inferior to abrasive powders by all variables and characteristics. The sand consumption is several times higher. Besides it is simply impossible to perform delicate cleaning with the use of it, there is a huge risk of damaging the surface, leaving scratches and defects. According to established standards, many surfaces must be treated with powder, not siliceous sand. Thus, all requirements and established standards are met.
If you want to choose an abrasive powder, then it should be noted that there are several basic types of such materials:
• nickel slag has a higher degree of hardness, removes strong dirt and corrosion, there is the possibility of recuperation;
• cooper slag is excellent for delicate surface treatment and it can be reused.

When choosing a powder, it is also necessary to take into account its fraction. The delicacy of treatment depends on this.
Types of abrasive powders have different sizes which identify their fraction. The large one are suitable for rough cleaning and removal of several layers of paint and deep rust. A smaller fraction should be chosen in cases where it is necessary to perform thorough and delicate cleaning.

Where can you buy high-quality abrasive powders?

If you need to buy high-quality materials for abrasive treatment, in this case it is recommended to trust only to proven and reliable manufacturing companies. Pobugsky Abrasive Materials Plant (PZA) is one of the leaders in the market for the production of sand blasting materials. Here you can order and buy the quality abrasive sand of various types and fractions at a favorable price.
The following should be emphasized among the main advantages of cooperation:
1. Large production facility of abrasive powder. Materials are manufactured and are subject to thorough cleaning on modern equipment. Materials meet all established standards and requirements.
2. Large stocks of abrasive material, nickel slug, are permanently available.
3. The company offers favorable prices, discounts to wholesale buyers and delivery of material to the specified address.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the employees of the PZA and get professional and detailed advice on all issues.

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